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August 2010  
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The Orchid Somatheeram’s special Karkidakam offer

It is a scientifically proven fact that, the Malayalam month of Karkkidakam, with its heavy downpour and lack of humidity are the ideal combination for ayurvedic treatments as absorption of the medicinal applications on the body is maximum during this climate. Orchid Somatheeram at the Beach Orchid is offering 10 per cent discount on all their spa treatments during Karkkidakam. Make some excuse for a visit to Orchid Somatheeram one of these days and just lie there closing your eyes, or look on the hibiscus lying in a water bowl and enjoy the warm feeling of the masseuse working magic on your muscles.

Orchid Somatheeram has a team of eminent doctors providing ayurvedic solutions using herbal ingredients to ameliorate modern day ailments caused by lifestyle iniquities. In the calm beach ambience their treatment will ease the mind, cool the body and a holistic renovation of the soul is the result. The treatment plan is customised to individual regime and needs and hence ensures that the guest stay at the Beach Orchid, Kollam will now be healthier and further enhanced. One remarkable fact about these treatments is that they are directed towards fortifying the immunity system and therefore precluding the chances of disease. In other words, it is aimed at not only at the sick but the healthy ones too among us who want to remain so.

Most of the treatments such as njavarakkizhi, pizhichil, dhara, shirovasthi, kativasthi, yoni prakshal- anam, ksheeradhoomam, thalam and lepanam ranging from Rs 250 to 3,000 for one time treatment are done for short term and long term of 14 to 28 days where the cost is between Rs 42,000-86,000. Udhavarthanam is a treatment for hemiplegia paralysis, obesity and certain types of rheumatic ailments. There is a slimming programme for 28 days costing Rs 75,000. Under the 10 day beauty care programme there is a package costing Rs 42,000 for improving complexion, skin tone and body figure.

The treatment rooms provide direct view of the Arabian Sea and are impeccably clean and roomy. The Orchid Somatheeram Ayurvedic Centre recognises the fact that a balanced diet is an indispensable part of ayurvedic treatments and hence during treatment period an ayurvedic menu drawn up by an efficient team of doctors will be provided as per requirement.


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